About Designer Outdoor Lighting

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High Quality LED Modular Lighting System

Designer Outdoor Lighting are a lighting company based in the United Kingdom with reach across the whole country and all of Europe . We offer a high quality and robust LED lighting systems for home and commercial premises.

We also are part of an LED Lighting company called LEDs4ME Ltd who have many years of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing LED lighting products.

Designer Outdoor Lighing are also an exclusive distributor of Takasho Digitec Co Ltd. All of our products are from the extensive range of LEDIUS.

Designed in Japan by our own engineers and produced at our 100% owned and controlled manufacturing facilities in Asia.

In addition, we offer a full consultancy and design service, including designing lighting projects and overseeing installations. As a result of this, completed projects have included restaurants, hotels, large private and commercial gardens, exhibitions and show-grounds.

LEDIUS Exhibition Wall

Why Designer Outdoor Lighting?

At Designer Outdoor Lighting we specialise in the supply of outdoor property lighting and outdoor garden lighting. Our LED outdoor lighting solutions are designed and build to the highest standards. Using the latest LED lighting technology means once a system is installed, running costs are minimised.

There may be a variety of reasons why you would choose to install outdoor lighting. It could be for security, it could be so you can enjoy an outdoor lifestyle or simply to highlight areas of your property or garden. At Designer Outdoor Lighting our out of the box lighting solutions includes everything you require including lights, controller and a DIY installation pack.

  • Enhance the appearance and value of your property.
  • Improve the security of your property with our automatic system.
  • Improve the safety and looks of your entrances, walkways and driveways
  • Our LED system uses 90% less energy than conventional lighting.
  • Easy to install, safe, low voltage (12 volt) system certified & designed for outdoor use.
  • The established choice of lighting for designers and architects.
  • Easy and cost effective to add extra lights to the base system to expand your design.