100m reel  (12 Volt, 2 Ply) low voltage electrial wire. Equivalent is available from any electrical wholeseller or from our website. 

DryConn Connectors


Dryconn Connectors - An alternative to crimp sleeves for connecting wires to lamps using a watertight fix.

Motion Sensor


A independent motion sensor that can be attached to the light or positioned near your light. Ideal for car ports, drives, doorways, security and peace of mind. Connected to the wire connecting the lamp to the controller

Back Plate for Wall Light


For use with our wall lamp HBA-D15S when wires must run up a solid wall or post.

Replacement Light Bulb


For use on our lamp LGL-LH02B Ground Light only.

3 Watt MR16 light bulb. Warm white 2700-3000K and DC n

5m Extension Cable


5M Extension Cable for use with LGL-LH02 Ledius Home Ground Lights.