Lighting Systems Explained

DryConn Connectors

Installation of the Dryconn - An alternative to climp sleeves.

※ Please don't re-use Dryconn, it can cause problems because of the lowering of waterproof ability.

Step 1
Cord covering (12V: about 50mm) (24V: about 70㎜), to remove the wire covering about 15mm with a wire stripper. Torsion lightly the core part, make it together a little.

Step 2
The connecting copper wire portion + (white) - (black) make it together align the color. Deeply insert the copper wire to the intrusion hole of Dryconn, fix the cord as not to move.

Step 3

Turn and push the Dryconn to the right until it no more rotate. ※Pops out internal grease, but you do not need to wipe. Wipe it can cause problems because of lowering of waterproof

Step 4
Make sure no missing cord and finish the work. Note: All lamps come with white(positive) and black(negative) inner core cables.