What are the maximum number of lights on a controller?

This depends on the wattage of each light in use. Our 35W controller can handle upto 24w of output, so potentially could power 24 x 1Watt lights. Or 12 x 1Watt lights and 4 x 3Watt Lights. Any combination of different lights is possible.

How do I add more lights at a later date?

If the maximum of 24Watts are being used it is easy to add another controller to add capacity. Many customers choose to have separate controllers for different areas in their gardens (example one for front of house and one for rear garden).

Controllers are very easy to use and lighting can be set to turn on and off after a set number of hours at night.

From the location of the controller how far can I run wiring and lights?

The distance is relative to the loading of lights per leg. The maximum is 30 metres run for 24watts for 0.75mm core 12v cable. If smaller core is used less loading and distance is possible.

Where do I place the controller?

It is advised to place the controller on an outside wall where ambient light conditions are enjoyed as it incorporates a light sensor. The controller is also weather and water proof. Do not place in constant darkness.

Do I need an electrician to install?

Our starter kits include all parts and instructions for installation. Some customers choose to have an electrician install the lights but many do the installation themselves. If in any doubt please get in contact and we can offer advice on the best way forward.

The controller requires power from 170-240 volt input. If an exterior outdoor power point is already in position then our controller can plug directly into this socket. If no power is available then a qualified electrician is required to provide an available power service and connect the controller. All power from the controller is 12volt allowing safe DIY installation of our lights using simple connection and running wiring safely. Qualified electrician is not required for this part of installation.

Why does the controller have 4 output legs?

This is to allow different areas of a lighting project to be illuminated simultaneously. For example:

First leg - Front of home

Second leg - Side of home

Third leg - Fence area

Fourth leg - Second side of home

Will my electricity bills be much higher?

LED lighting is extremely power efficient so running costs are very low. Take a look at our case studies for some examples.

LED components are used in all products are high efficiency, so high lumens from low wattage compared to many exterior LEDs. Compared to conventional halogen our system uses approximately 90% less energy.