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People are spending more and more time in their garden. At Designer Outdoor Lighting we know how significant lighting is becoming to garden designers. Designer Outdoor Lighting provide professional garden designers with lighting solutions to enhance any outdoor space. Lighting a garden serves multiple purposes. Creating an outdoor lifestyle, safety and security is at the heart of why garden designer incorporates lighting into their garden design.

Our range of lighting are clean, modern with cutting edge technology designed to blend or create a feature in any garden design. Available in up, down or multi-directional combined with our exclusive controller offer versatility with style and performance at the heart of our products.

Together with our parent company, we will work with projects to design, install and oversee professional and commercial lighting projects.

Our full range of over 2,000 products which include outdoor lighting for all applications, tastes and budgets.

We have formerly worked on projects including restaurants, hotels, large homes, Villa complexes, golf courses and large private and commercial gardens. We have also complete solutions available for exhibitions and show-grounds.

For enquiries please contact us and we can discuss your needs in details