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10 Jan

In our previous article, we looked the most basic and popular lighting techniques in order to light your way. With possibilities been endless available, we look into further options on how to light your way.

Wall lighting

Wall Lighting

Decorate your wall with light. Not only do you get the light reflecting off the walls making it great feature, but it will also light surrounding areas. Our up/down wall lights are pefect to create this effect. Why not shop online with our best ever sale today?

Spread lighting

Spread Lighting

Ideal for plants and flower beds, spread lights gently light up your shrubbery in only the location you wish to show. Although you need to be careful with glare, these lights are the perfect solution for any with green fingers.

Cross lighting

Cross Lighting

This technique allows sight of the feature from all angles. With this, you can be completely flexible on angle colour and brightness. Take a look at buying our garden spike lights to recreate this feature

Silhouette lighting

Silhouette Lighting

So far we've looked at lighting the feature, whether it be a tree or pathway and so on. Another alternative can be using lights to create silhouettes, positioning the light close and reflecting it on a wall.

Shadow lighting

Shadow Lighting

Using a light to create a shadow creates depth and gives a sense of three dimensions and space. This is an ideal technique for small gardens, reflecting the shadow of trees onto a light, plain wall.

Moon lighting

Moon Lighting

Who said that your lights need to be on a wall or in the ground? Installing a light inside a tree will give the impression of moonlight, creating an great shadows and overall effect